PDC Biotech GmbH is a biotechnology company developing novel compounds for the treatment of preterm labour and primary dysmenorrhea. At the core of the company is our unique, proprietary series of prostaglandin F2α (FP) ) receptor antagonists. Preterm labour and primary dysmenorrhea are areas of significant unmet medical need. Excessive uterine contractility in both conditions is mediated by PGF2α.

The company has successfully completed a phase I clinical trial for its lead compound PDC31 in healthy women with primary dysmenorrhea. This study was designed to evaluate safety as well as provide proof-of-concept for the ability of the compound to inhibit excessive uterine contractility. In this study PDC31 infusion was associated with a dose-dependent relief of pain, as well as a reduction in intrauterine pressure. In addition, the drug was very well tolerated and there were no dose limiting toxicities.

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December 10, 2012: PDC Biotech GmbH announces successful clinical Phase I for its lead compound PDC31